Heaven In Your Heart

It is my joy & privilege to introduce this book written by a Brother in Christ - Br Charles Ativie from Nigeria. I have been through the book and loved the focus it has on joy and contentment. Personally, two of my favorite verses are Rom 14:17 which says: The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace & joy in the Holy Ghost and 1 Tim 6:6 which reminds us that Godliness with contentment is great gain. I recommend the book for reading and for edification of the believer. You may contact Br Charles here

Reviews for Heaven In Your Heart by Charles Ativie
  • Do you know you can be perpetually joyous irrespective of circumstances or life’s challenges?
  • Do you know that God created man to be a kind of "biological joy factory"?
  • Would you like to learn the secrets to generate joy from within and remain perpetually joyous in the face of challenges?
  • Would you like to navigate life with ease and enjoy lasting success God’s own way?

If your response to these questions is "yes", then, avail a copy of the book Heaven In Your Heart by Charles Ativie.

Happy reading!

A Review
In this book Heaven in your Heart, Charles Ativie very aptly presents sound biblical truths in simple, practicable and honest way. The biblical foundation of the book gives it the transformational power hidden within the pages. The exposure of the writer to other materials further enriches the content. The chosen method of delivering sound wisdom in snippet makes it easily comprehensible. The content of this book will certainly alter the life of the reader positively if applied. It truly reveals not only the fact that you can enjoy heaven on earth but how to go about it. I recommend it for everyone that desires to enjoy a fulfilling life. - Solomon Kpandei (Associate Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre Lagos , Nigeria)