Oct 12, 2009

Zeal of your house - Divine Zeal for Jesus !

Psa 69:9  For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up; and the reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me.


As a Christian (a true born-again believer), it is common to experience a burning zeal for the lord of your salvation. May the zeal never ever diminish and dwindle. The psalmist prophesies the zeal that consumes Lord Jesus. It is the choices that we make that proclaim the divine election that we have received. What topic in your life can cause zeal within you ? What topic are you passionate about, seeing that same topic evokes the most emotion or passionate response within you ?


·         Is it your pleasures ? Do you tend to become zealous if your pleasure is disturbed ? Are you aware that pleasures are of this world , of the flesh ? A true believer rejoices in only one pleasure – of close communion with God; And delights in one pastime – spending hours knowing his precepts.

·         Is it your family ? Do insults to your family drive you to anger ? Are you driven by a passion for family heritage ?

·         Is it your religion ? Discern the truth in any religion. There is only one truth – it’s the revealed word of God. Anything which goes against or beyond the Bible is untruth or part truth or a lie. Lie is of the satan – he is the liar and the father of liars.

·         Is it your job ? Do you react passionately if someone comments on your position ? Is the job yours through your credit ? Is your skill endless that your job is independent of the grace of God ?

·         Is it yourself ? Do you consider yourself to be the most important factor that you are on fire ? In order to achieve a state that God desires of you – you need to empty yourself – only at that point would God have space in your heart. He desires your empty heart – to start his perfect work on you. And once you allow him, he doesn’t stop till you become like Christ one day!

·         Is it your good works of a self righteous spirit ? Your good works are as filthy rags for the Lord.

·         Is it Christ ? Are you on fire for Him who saved you from certain death, who died a tormented death on the cross, who was pure but became impure by taking our sins on the cross ? Do you realize the love of God YHWH who, knowing the adamic nature to sin, sought to send his beloved son as a sacrifice to end all sacrifices ?


My friend, let’s choose our priorities right. Make a decision to live for him. Make Jesus the first portion in your life today. Know him intimately. Get to know more of the mysteries by poring over his word. May the holy spirit guide you and lead you in your constant journey towards Christ, and one day (and that day is coming soon!), we will be risen with him in Glory when he comes !!


Proclaim to the world – I am on fire for Christ Jesus! I delight to do my father’s bidding. I feel for the world that it has not realized the beauty and comfort of losing yourself for Christ’s sake. Win souls for him. Once you know the joy that comes from being in Christ, you would be filled with a love for the lost souls – that you would want everyone ( your friend, your family, your co-workers, your enemies, your priest, your church mates) to know Him closely and experience the love of God intimately – and to lead Salvation, repentance, renewal, baptism and a victorious Christian life!


Friend, heaven is big enough to house all of us – if only we will repent and accept Jesus as our lord and savior – and we lead a life which exhibits the fruits of the spirit.


May the holy spirit lead us all into a life closer to Jesus – A life where we burn with zeal for our lord – a life where we , through our testimony and example, lead millions to the Saviour, a life where our sole mission on this earthly abode is to win souls for him – a constant prayer life – filled with the spirit to help us overcome this world and to rebuke satan from interfering with any aspect of our life!


If you are a believer, I praise the lord that he has touched us. I greet you as a brother. May this message strengthen you and provoke you to press on in your walk of faith and in your spiritual race.

If you are one who attends a church, thinks he is a Christian, my friend, you should pray to the holy spirit to help humble yourself and seek truth. The truth is not far away but your eyes have been blinded by false religion. Enjoy the yoke of Jesus which is easy – forget the heaviness of following an organized religion.

If you are not a Christian, I pray that you may know the delight that comes from knowing Christ and intimately knowing his nature. I challenge you my friend to know him and not to love him.


I bless you in the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ !



God's provision for believers - He cares

"Can God furnish a table in the wilderness? Behold, He smote the rock, that the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed; Can He give bread also? They did eat, and were well filled."-- Psa_78:19, Psa_78:20, Psa_78:29.


THIS IS always the cry of unbelief, Can God? whilst the triumphant assertion of faith is: God can. What a difference is wrought by the collocation of words! Can God furnish a table in the wilderness? God can spread a table, even in the wilderness, and in the presence of our enemies our cup can overflow. Can He give bread also? He can satisfy the desire of every living thing, by the opening of His hand. Canst Thou do anything for us, our child is grievously possessed of the devil? If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

The wanderings of the Israelites for forty years were due to the fact that they looked at their difficulties and questioned if God could overcome them. Amongst the people, only Caleb and Joshua looked away from the Canaanites and their fortified cities to Him who had brought them where they were, and was pledged to extricate them. Some people speak of Giants with a capital G, and forget to magnify the power of God. what wonder that they account themselves as grass-hoppers, and lose heart! Let us not forget that we are sons and daughters of God, "heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ." (Compare Num_13:33 and Rom_8:17.)

Look back on the past; see what God has done for you; remember He is pledged to finish what He has begun. If He gave water, He can certainly give bread.

"They did eat, and were well filled." When we are poor and needy, we are inclined to humble prayer. But if suddenly our lot is changed, and there is abundance instead of poverty, how often there is a change in our demeanour. We are apt to become self-indulgent, and forgetful of the needs of the world. Instead of remembering that we are still God's pensioners, we magnify ourselves as though we were exclusive owners. Probably this is why God keeps some of us in poverty, for no greater temptation could befall us than to find ourselves with riches. In this way He answers our daily prayer, "Lead us not into temptation!"



We thank Thee our heavenly Father, for the new mercies of each returning day, for all that Thou hast given to us, and not less for that which Thou dost withhold. May we be receptive of all things that pertain to life and godliness. AMEN.


A note from Br. Meyer