Aug 27, 2011

Seek the honor from God

"How can you believe, which receive honor one of another, and seek not the honor that comes from God only?"  Joh_5:44

THE life of the renewed soul, springing from the indwelling of Christ by the Spirit, includes the crucifixion of self in us. "I live, yet not I." What a depth of meaning is contained in these words! We may not in this life be able fully to measure its depth, but we may in some degree fathom it. There is not-indeed there cannot be-a more sure evidence of the life of Christ in the soul, than the mortifying of that carnal, corrupt self-boasting that is within us. For its utter annihilation, in this present time-state, we do not plead. This would be to look for that which the word of God nowhere warrants. But we insist upon its mortification; we plead for its subjection to Christ. Who has not detected in his heart its insidious working? If the Lord has given us a little success in our work, or put upon us a little more honor than another, or has imparted to us a degree more of gift or grace, oh what fools do we often make of ourselves in consequence! We profess to speak of what He has done-of the progress of His work-of the operation of His grace, when, alas! what burning of incense often is there to that hideous idol self! Thus we offer "strange fire" upon the altar. 

But the most gracious soul is the most self-denying, self-crucifying, self- annihilating soul. "I live, yet not I. I believe, and am comforted-yet not I. I pray, and am answered-yet not I. I preach, and sinners are converted-yet not I. I labor, and good is done-yet not I. I fight, and overcome-yet not I, but Christ in me." Beloved, the renewed life in us will be ever striving for the mastery of self in us. Self is ever seeking to take the glory from Jesus.

 This is one cause of the weakness of our faith. "How can you believe," says the Savior, "which receive honor one of another, and seek not the honor which comes from God only?" "We know but little of God," remarks an eminently holy man, "if we do not sicken when we hear our own praise." And if we have kept the glory of God in view, rather than our own, remember, it is the gift of God, the work of His Spirit, which has gained a victory over self, through faith in Christ. Oh that the life of Christ within us may more and more manifest itself as a self-denying, self-mortifying, self- annihilating life-willing to be a fool for Christ, yes, to be nothing, that Christ may wear the crown.

Aug 6, 2011

The good Samaritan - a gospel message

Praise the lord! Here is a message I shared with the beloved brothers and sisters of the New covenant church at Bracknell.