I am Thomas Mathew from India. I am a blessed child of God who, though I was a nominal christian, never really knew the lord. And after I knew him, what a difference he has made to my life ! I am blessed in my family, wedded to a blessed woman called Merin and we've been blessed with a son (called Ron) and a daughter (Sharon). I work as a project manager in the Retail division of Infosys (an IT consultancy company). While I enjoy my work (well, mostly!), my true joy is only in the lord Jesus. After about 12 years of working in Infosys, I have now moved out and in pursuit of christian work. Learning the word and waiting for the direction from God in my Heavenly Father's business according to the great commission (Mat 28:18-20) Cleansed by his blood, he is my savior , my redeemer, my all in all, my righteousness, my revelation, the manifest glory of God! We (my wife and I) would like to blog about the grace we've enjoyed from Jesus and really, all the revelations that we've got about him and from him.

Praise the lord, Jesus Christ! He alone is worthy of all praise and honor and glory and power. The hosts of heaven don't tire of praising him, singing Holy holy holy God! Neither will we when we come to know him in the spirit.