Aug 12, 2013

Christian comics - a God Sent tool for teaching kids

I usually don't post non-devotional stuff on this blog. But this is indeed something that the holy spirit put on my heart. so there it goes ! 

Dear parents : I found a truly amazing series of Christian comics. I rate the comics very highly (they are packed with sound family values and are very well themed and crafted). 

Spire Christian comics
Leaving my liking for the comics aside, the best testimony for this is from my 5-year old. He loves the Barney bear series in this set and enjoys it when I read it to him. Given that these are made in the '70s and are out of print, it's a joy to find them hosted in this site. (I've been on the look out for christian comics and funnily enough, even the paid comics of these days cannot compare with the ones available on the site)

Also in the series is a book called "Theres a new world coming" - the best introduction to the book of Revelation that I have seen in my life! 

They also have Christian Archie comics ! Something for your teenagers ! 

The files are available as pdf. 

Hope you (and more so, your kids) enjoy these !