Apr 6, 2017

Heart of Missions - Nations as our Inheritance

Psalm 2:8 – Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations as Your inheritance
While this is a messianic prophecy, it will truly be fulfilled by the body of Christ (i.e. us). We, the blood-purchased saints, are the ones who are the royal priesthood who have the charge of reaching the world and work towards expanding his kingdom.
Ø  ASK OF ME – The Lord commands us to Ask Him – ask Him to give us the nations as our inheritance. We are expected to be passionate and intentional in our evangelism and disciple-making. As you map your heart’s passion for the lands of India, as you feel the spirit of God move you into a deeper prayer for a state or a region, ASK the lord to grant you that land as your inheritance.
Ø  I WILL GIVE YOU – The Lord promises with His unchanging word – I WILL. You are asking The Most High God, who can and will answer your prayer, because it’s a biblical surety.
Ø  THE NATIONS AS YOUR INHERITANCE – The lord is never slack concerning his promises. While the result of our prayer may seem overwhelming, he promises you an eternal inheritance in the coming kingdom; He promises you that the land that you ask in your prayer shall be granted to you. He promises that the regions which didn’t know Christ will lift His name high, as a result of your simple, persistent prayer.
Caleb in the Old Testament fully followed the Lord (Deut 1:36), and he asked the lord for the land of Hebron (Josh 14:12) and the Lord gave him the land of Hebron as his inheritance (Josh 14:14). The land was filled with giants, but by faith, Caleb at his 85th year waged a good warfare, and drove away the giants from the land and possessed his inheritance (Josh 15:13-14). We can also possess our inheritance by 1) Praying for the regions and lands of our burden 2) Sending the gospel into those lands 3) Going into the lands to proclaim the gospel of the lord.
“Missions, after all, is simply this: Every heart with Christ is a missionary, every heart without Christ is a mission field.” - Count Zinzendorf