Nov 27, 2008


The world celebrates thanksgiving soon... 

More than anything, I want to quietly thank some that I can think of. 

My family - Appa, Amma, Merin, Mathew - you are God's gift to me. Thanks for everything you have done for me. More than anything, thanks for being there :) Praise the lord for you. 

My friends - To the handful who have been close , given advice or a sympathetic ear when I needed it. Thanks!

My colleagues - thanks for the help and quiet patience in our projects together. 

To Sajan, A boss par excellence - thanks for everything.

To the people who have taught me - and not just in schools. Thanks!

More than anything, to the lord above who has been so gracious to me in His love - Thank you lord jesus. You give me meaning to my life. I wish to know you more and I wish to have you in all aspects of my life. 

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