Mar 8, 2009

A dedication to

Today I want to give a dedication to a site which has meant a lot to me. 
I hope you would visit it and that God would speak volumes to you through the words in the site. 

Back in 2007, I was working from my client location in Bangalore. I already had got the experience of being a believer and it was necessary for me to be in touch with Word even at my workplace. Well, most of the bible related sites were blocked there since the management believed it was unproductive to browse religious content (while my testimony is that 5 minutes of religious browsing can give me a productivity boost for the day !!). One day, I remember clearly praying to God to help me with a site that was not blocked - and remember searching for bible studies. This was the site that was in the search results and was *not* blocked there ! I used to browse it regularly then and used to derive a lot of spiritual help from it's articles. 

Please go through the same and be benefitted. Praise the Lord for an awesome set of believers who manage the site.