Mar 11, 2009

Thoughts of a christian cripple

There are some days when your mind is so full - you can't say anything. It was a day like that for me - various things that happened and so many pointers in this day reminded me that i was a religious cripple. I came home and saw an article on tangle (the new site for godtube) - and I saw this video there. 
The video was a myriad of emotions come to life for me ... I can shamelessly say I wept openly in years. The video 
0) reminded me of my state - being a religious cripple
1) reminded me of the sacrifice of Lord Jesus
2) assured me of the constant presence of the holy spirit as a helper during the race of this life
3) conveyed the struggle that the Lord trinity has to keep me in the race
4) assured me of the victory that is mine, in Jesus. 

Above all, it is a call for me 
1) to rededicate my life to the Lord
2) to trust in Him again to bring me to the perfect path
3) to continue to hope for victory - nay - believe the victory
4) believe (remember the cripple who knew exactly what he wanted - to walk!)

I thank God for the constancy of His assurance - for his divine love - for all the miraculous ways he has wrought the plan for my salvation - for the presence of the holy spirit - for everything really. For everything he has done for me!

The Lord uses very many channels to bring us to Him. a tweet, a message , a mail, a shout, anything - really. My 3 minute experience which shook me to a christian re-realization was triggered by a tweet. 
mashableGodTube is Born Again as MySpace-Like Tangle

God bless us all! :)