Sep 19, 2012

Be like Enoch - who walked with God

In every generation, God has a remnant who desires God so much that they separate themselves from the world and commits their availability to God at any cost. I believe this remnant gives God a lot of joy and makes him proud of his creation. Needless to say, all these people chose wisely since they consciously chose eternity over this current life and God over the evil or world or flesh.
Ø  Noah was one such – amidst the evil and perverse generation; he found favor in God’s eyes. His eyes were focused on eternity and not on the current short term joys. He tirelessly preached the grace of God while preparing the ‘ship of salvation’
Ø  Abraham was one of these, having chosen to obey God’s voice and come out of his heathen family – and he even chose the path wisely as opposed to Lot who chose to go after the fertile-looking world.
Ø  Moses was one such. He counted the riches of pharaoh’s palace worthless compared to the humble path that leads to eternity.
Ø  Joshua and Caleb were such, who amidst a generation ridden by unbelief (where Israel tested/doubted the faithfulness of God in the wilderness), Joshua and Caleb remained with solid trust on the lord, and they were rewarded with a mighty blessing of being the only 2 people in that generation to see and enjoy Canaan.
Ø  David was one such – being a New Testament man in Old Testament times.
Ø  Daniel was another fine example – even while being in the most prosperous enemy state of Babylon, he stuck to God closely and remained pure. Even the lions couldn’t touch him, because the Lion of Judah was there with him.

Oh so many fine examples of God pleasers! Real men of God.

Another person in the bible is Enoch:-
(Gen 5:22) And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:
(Gen 5:23) And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:
(Gen 5:24) And Enoch walked with God: and he [was] not; for God took him.

Here was a man who lived just 365 years on this earth – which, in those times was equivalent of 36 years :) (Remember; this was before God capped the age of man to 120) But what he accomplished in those years is something amazing. He walked in constant, habitual fellowship with God. He delighted in God’s presence and God delighted in his presence. It’s not about how long you have known God – but how close you have been to God in those years. Many people feel comfortable about having been saved for many years or decades. But God sees the heart and he sees the amount of quality time we have spent with him. Man was created for fellowshipping with God. And here’s a man, who without any examples, chose to be with God, to serve God and to walk with him. Enoch had a family to take care of, but by all accounts, he was able to make time to give priority to God. He was a man who so looked forward to his quiet time with God!

He walked with God. Walking with God means
a.       Walking on the path that God chooses : Often we go through the experience of going on a path that we chose (which may appear to be straight and easy) – But the best path for us is ALWAYS the path that God chooses. It may pose difficulties and may be longer, but if you are in that path, you have the protection that comes from being with the lord.
b.      Walking at the speed that God chooses : God’s timing may not be our timing. God is never slow or fast – his timing is just perfect. Often we tend to rush towards many things or go slow towards many things. Maybe we rush towards choosing a partner or choosing a job. Maybe we delay taking many decisions of obedience for the lord. Maybe we delay in responding to God’s call or his call to ministry. But walking with God means, walking at the pace that God desires. If you are going too fast, slow down. If you are being too slow, speed up. Walk with God.
c.       Starting when God starts, stopping when He stops : Journey with God is not about the constant speed – Jesus has been through this path (when he was here as son of man). In our walk with him, he will often stop us and tell us the things we need to know to be overcomers, to break the habits that bind us. Sometimes these conversations happen when we stop along with him and listen to him. Here’s where we will come to know from him how we can overcome the world. Like the disciples who went to Emmaus, God can walk with us and open up scriptures to us.
d.      Talking with God – have you ever walked with someone and not conversed with them?

Enoch’s walk with God was so relished by God that God performed the miracle of translating him into the heavens.

God is calling us today to please God and to walk with him. Will you lay aside your burdens and choose to walk with Jesus ? Will you commit to being like the Enoch remnant on this earth ?
God bless you!

Praise the lord Jesus Christ.

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