Sep 27, 2012

Leaning on the lord Jesus

(John 13:23) Now there was leaning on Jesus' bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.

Praise Jesus ! In the Old Testament (and generally in the word of God), we see that God (who is no respecter of persons) has always had his disciples in various levels.

Look at the time that the Lord met with Moses. The entire Israel was assembled at the foot of the mountain. God chose to meet with the 70 elders, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and Moses on the mountain. Moses and Aaron were allowed to climb up to the next level. And Moses alone went to the top level.

Similarly, amongst the disciples, we see a hierarchy. Jesus chose 70 disciples to go and do his works (Luke10). He had 12 apostles with whom he was closest. Amongst them, Peter, James and John were the nearest (as we can see in Him choosing them to accompany him in the mount of transfiguration). Among these, John is the disciple mentioned as the one who was closest to Jesus.

We can choose and restrict the level of intimacy we share with God. I believe man was created with the primary purpose of being with God and fellowshipping with him. Often we see people in the bible that decided to go all the way with the lord and were highly rewarded with his presence and a revelation of his will. For me, John is one such who had a heart-knowledge of Jesus Christ. One can know Jesus in many ways. Even an atheist scholar would know much more about Jesus than we believers. That remains as an academic knowledge and is not useful for eternity. Once we know Jesus as our lord and savior and redeemer, we get to know him more through the Holy Spirit whom the lord gives into our heart.

I thought of the following hallmarks of someone who loves the lord , primarily from John's example – but also from Jesus and David’s life!

1.       He leans on Jesus bosom - i.e. he brings himself near to God. The scripture says, if you draw near to God, he will draw near to you. John caused Jesus to draw nearer to him.

James 4:7  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
James 4:8  Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.

2.       When you are leaning on Jesus bosom, you can hear his heartbeat. You can know the will of God. The lord will reveal his heart to you. The lord will reveal his burden to you. You will pray and act according to the burden, will and direction that God places in your heart.

3.       You will know God's will :- The most excellent knowledge that we can get is to have a knowledge of God's will for us. Do you really understand what God desires in your life ?
(Col 1:9) For this cause we also, since the day we heard [it], do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;
This comes from a two-way working of God's word (which we should consume) and the holy spirit acting on us to reveal the excellency of his will

4.       You will not just know God's will, but delight to do his will :- Hear the sound of The lord Jehovah saying "This is my beloved son , in whom I am well pleased". This is the sound that resonates in the heart of everyone who delights to do God's will. Jesus lived for the sole purpose of doing his father's will. He delighted to do the will of the father. (and so did David!)
(John 4:34) Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.

5.       Actually does his will and completes the purpose : God is glorified when we complete the work that he gives us. (This was shared in our bible study today !)
(John 17:4) I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.
What a blessed state be during your life, and at the end of your life.

When a person is in tune with the will of God and has a heart for god, he is rewarded. (not the way the world rewards though!). John received a pile of tribulation and strife all through his life and even when he was 90, he was banished to the Isle of patmos for preaching the word and sharing his testimony (Rev 1:9) - a place filled with death and evil - a place where people were known to become cannibals, a place so extreme in weather, no or limited supply of food. Yet , here was a place where John was "In the spirit"
(Rev 1:10) I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,

Here's where he got the pinnacle as a child of God - he saw Jesus in Glory. He saw the most beautiful prophecy even until the end of the world. In other words, he saw the end of the book and saw that he had indeed chosen to side with the person with whom was victory!

Child of God, choose wisely to lean onto Jesus - and know his will all your life, to delight in doing his will, and completing his will in your life on this earth.

God bless you

Praise the lord Jesus Christ.