Aug 17, 2008

Bible study tools - e-sword

One of the best computer based bible study tools that I have seen is e-Sword (Courtesy: Rick Meyers ) It is an awesome tool for the word as well as for bible study. It has features like multiple bible translations (say - KJV, NIV, AMP, etc); Commentaries; Devotionals; Bible reading plans; Topical notes; Gospel harmony; Dictionaries & concordances; Bible searches; facility to have bible study notes; etc. Its free. Use it once, and you wouldn't look at any other tool. What is really amazing is the amount of customization that you can do in terms of adding modules (bibles, commentaries, etc) !

If you decide to give it a shot, I would recommend the following things. (all downloadable from their website )

1. Get KJVR, ESV bibles (AMP & NIV are excellent bibles - but they need to be purchased)
2. Get Barnes/Clarke commentaries (verse by verse) - Be cautious about commentaries (nothing can beat the revelation of the true meaning by the holy spirit - which happens in the most personal manner)
3. Get treasury of scripture knowledge commentary (akin to a concordance - beautiful!)
4. Get all the devotionals in the site (and read it after completing your bible reading for the day)
5. Get the dictionaries (Nave & Torrey - I especially like Torrey! These are not dictionaries but more like topical concordances)
6. Go easy on the topic notes (There are a few gems there - but many are not of a sound quality)
7. Most important - Pray to the Holy spirit to use this tool to guide you in the truth and to open your mind to the word

Rick is very open to suggestions and comments - so you could always contact him using the comments form in the website. If you benefit from this software as much as I did, please leave a message for him (Though his reward is in heaven, its good for us to offer him a thanks! for his work!)