Aug 19, 2008

Devotional : Consolation, support & Faith

This will be a short post - My apologies for that - Its more like its a very busy monday with the looming promise of an even busier tuesday :)

But for some reason, I don't feel like doing my usual selection from one of the good sermons or devotionals. While I thought of continuing the series with either the fruit of the spirit or the theme of salvation, I want to break the chain today on two verses which are very very dear to me. God has blessed me in experiencing the truth of these two sentences. I hope these verses cause some cheer, hope and more than anything, an absolute faith for the divine works in your life!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
(Rom 8:28 KJVR)

Ah what a comforting thought for those who abide in Him !!
All things [my circumstances, trials, persecutions, insults, calamities, shortcomings, afflictions, relations, etc]
work together [ is in the process of continuously working together]
for good [ultimate good - may not be the temporal good as the temporal man sees it, but the eternal good as the eternal God sees it - a good state where we are brought many a step closer to God]
to them that love God [who submits to Him, truly pious children of God]
to them who are called according to His purpose [to the true christians, who have been chosen by God and who have chosen to be likened to him!]

Dear friend - the word that is mentioned above is the god-breathed truth. Abide in Him who is bigger than all your troubles, who longs to comfort you in all your trials and tribulations and who wishes to draw you near according to his purpose.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
(Heb 11:1 KJVR)

It is the confidence of your hope in Christ - It is the deep rooted trust in God - its your confidence in the good things which God has kept for you - you may not have received them yet. But He has already unleashed it in His spiritual realm ! It is an ability to look beyond your past, your present and into the wonderful future that God has in store for you ! Beyond temporal things of the world, look unto Him for the eternal good.
Heavenly Father - we submit ourselves in prayer to you. I thank you for the messages of hope that you have sent me today. Even as I go through trials and difficulty, minister to me by your holy spirit that I may take another step towards being rooted in you in faith. Father, I trust that you (you alone) are in control of my life! I wish to be yielded to you, that you may shape me according to your will. Help me to overcome my trials by being drawn into you. I ask this in the mighty name of my lord and savious Jesus christ. Amen.