Aug 18, 2008

For the new visitor

Dear friend,

I have started off this blog as a very small attempt from my side to spread the gospel and Christ's message. I feel so privileged when I see so many wonderful messages coming my way and giving me the daily bread. It has often happened that the message I may receive as an email or a random verse which I see when I open the bible is exactly what I needed that day ! It helps me lead a life closer to the word, encouraging me when I need it most, really giving me that comfort that my saviour cares for me enough to feed me from His springs.

I hope this blog is a blessing for all of you who happened to pass by my garden ! :)

Feedback >> Feel free to drop a note if you have any comments for me. (you can also rate the posts on the blog and if you have any comments, you could mail me or use the meebo panel on the sidebar to send me a message)

What are my blogging patterns ?
- (work and connectivity permitting) I would like to post daily devotions (from various sources) on some topics which touches me the most that day [much as I would like this to be daily, I will be happy if I could post 2-3 devotionals a week]
- On weekends, I would like to post a bible study on a topic
- Occasionally, I would like to do a snippet (just a verse - and its meaning)

If you are new to the blog
I would suggest that you start with the salvation basics (available on the links section)
Then use the label cloud(or label list) to find a topic of your interest. The first 3 tags are generic (bible study/devotional/snippet) Use them to browse non-topical content. The remaining tags are topical - use them to browse on a topic of your interest.

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Other topics (your messages, prayer requests, needs, queries)

If you have an inspirational message (word based) or a testimony or a message or a prayer request which you would like to share with the others, you could send me an email - and I will post it with due credits.

If you have a specific query on christianity, you could send me an email. I may not know the answer, but I know someone who does - and He has left his book with me. :) Let us learn together.

God bless you !


PS: I have not been able to adapt a gender-neutral language since most of the existing devotionals and sermons address the Man. But in most of the cases, you should read it as equally applicable to Man and Woman